Beauties of the Cilento

Stay with us and discover the Cilento region

The characteristic village of Celle di Bulgheria has the advantage of offering those who stay there the ideal tranquility for a relaxing vacation, but at the same time the convenience of a location positioned in the center of the beauty of Cilento. In fact, La Primula di Palinuro is located only 15km from Palinuro, 20km from Marina di Camerota and 23km from Sapri.


15.6 km from La Primula

Palinuro is a charming town in the municipality of Centola. Known for its crystal-clear waters, this Cilento hamlet is loved for its fascinating rugged coastline that offers breathtaking views. The promontory on which it stands overlooking the sea is dotted with natural caves, a detail that makes its charm special when admired from the sea.

Marina di Camerota

19,7 km from La Primula

Among Cilento’s most popular seaside destinations, Marina di Camerota is the seaside outlet of the town of Camerota, perched on Mount Bulgheria. Among the best-known local points of interest is the so-called “Punta degli infreschi.”


77 km from La Primula

With its archaeological excavations, Paestum gives visitors a trip back in time. The beauty of the remains of the ancient Greek city, coupled with the wonder of the landscape and the genuine 0-kilometer flavors, especially dairy, for which it is known worldwide, make the town a must-see for those who vacation in Cilento.

Sentieri Monte Bulgheria

0.5 km from La Primula

There is a wide selection of hiking trails in this area, with different levels of difficulty, for experts and for families with experienced guides. A wide choice of river, coastal, religious and mountain trails. Horseback riding, mountain-biking to climbing for experienced climbers are possible.

Scario and Costa della Masseta

13 km from La Primula

Scario, a hamlet of the municipality of San Giovanni a Piro, is a picturesque seaside village on the slopes of Mount Bulgheria. A tourist center with one of the best-equipped harbors in the area, Scario enjoys evocative attractions, including the waterfront and the beautiful Masseta Coast. The rocks of Mount Bulgheria sink into the sea, forming among the most beautiful underwater paradises in the Mediterranean, rich in marine species that have disappeared elsewhere, where it is not uncommon to see dolphins.

I Capelli di Venere

35 km from La Primula

Among the most beautiful waterfalls in Campania, the subject of visits from all over Italy, the Venus Falls are a spectacle of nature with water from the Bisentino River flowing over the Maidenhair plant that lives attached to the rock. The cascade of waters from the Hair has created natural pools in the riverbed where it is also possible to bathe in the icy water even in the middle of August.

Costa degli Infreschi

20 km from La Primula

Costa degli Infreschi, or Coast of Myth, has been Campania’s Marine Protected Area since 2009. 13-kilometer coastline made up of coves, caves, small beaches, coves, and underwater water springs: Blue Grotto, Grotta del Noglio, Cala Bianca, Grotta degli Infreschi, Piscina degli Iscolelli, Sorgente di Santa Caterina, and Cappella di San Lazzaro are among the stops not to be missed. The stunning beach of Baia degli Infreschi, also known as Porto Infreschi or Cala Infreschi, was a 2014 winner of Legambiente’s Most Beautiful Beach in Italy Award.